One of the greatest things about my life, is getting to work with incredible people. @wrdsmth and his work has been life, love, and dream affirming, in so many ways. And I’m just grateful to support him: “In late November 2013, I loaded a small backpack with supplies and ventured a few blocks from my home to put up my first piece of street art. To say I had no idea the impact that action would have on my life is a vast understatement. And to say I had no idea the impact my WRDs and work would have on so many others is a delightful fact dipped in awesome sauce.
 My first-ever solo show continues today (Saturday 11-11) from 12-5 and concludes tomorrow (Sunday 11-12) from 5-9. I really hope to see you there.” – @wrdsmth

Directed by @drueGRIT
Art by @wrdsmth
Supported by @streethouseart