The United States of America’s political climate has become one of the more divisive aspects of American culture within the 21st century. My series of photographs, Young Americans, shown at the High Museum of Atlanta in 2008 and which depicts various members of Generation Y, continues to strike a resonate cord in the hearts of many within Generation Y. The series examines Generation Y’s ideology about what it means to be an American in the 21st century. Each participant posed with the American flag, using it as a prop to express their sentiments about America. Each individual also wrote a statement that expressed their thoughts and concerns or even explained their use of the flag to illustrate their unique viewpoints. In July 2012, the Oxford America Magazine wrote about the work; and during August, I was part of the Living Wall Conference were 26 national and international female artist created murals across the Atlanta landscape. I took the Young Americans series outside of the solitude of the museum and presented the work within the landscape of urban communities. I enlarged some of the Young Americans 12‘x15’ and wheat pasted them on buildings. By taking the Young Americans to the streets made me understand the importance of giving the community an open forum to express their own thoughts about America in the 21st century. In December, I will recreate this community engagement with more of the Young Americans images in the urban landscape during “Miami’s Art Basel” in Florida and stay tuned for my upcoming series 1960 What 1960 Who ?