Here is a second cycle and again Independencia witnessed what it means to see its history embodied in murals. Privileged neighbors to see their memories were anchored in the daily traffic of their lives and all through the strokes of four artists who took on the challenge of helping to remember what was every inhabitant of the historic commune.

Perfil B Statement:

We are not musicians and we love every single note per second. We are not painters and we dream of the colors that shape the city. We are not writers and we debate what we read. What are we? Lovers of the everyday, hardened walkers, a prospect of good taste that we feel with the need to awaken consciousness of national art.
That is why, around 2007, this concern arises, to create a means of articulating diffusion, a platform that opens another window to what not everyone can see and that today is materialized in a creative space of content, seeking to generate identity Local urban, diversity and dynamism. Always maintaining the freedom of the artist to express his art without rules.