There’s no doubt that Peeta’s artwork is impressive for it’s technical quality. But the story behind the character and the symbolism of the work aren’t any less interesting. The process of the piece made in the Montana Gallery Barcelona for the exhibition, ‘Parallel Realities‘, was documented for the video that we presented along the same lines, and for which we are thankful in better understanding the work of this Venitian graffiti artist from his perspective.

‘For me, the ultimate challenge is to paint walls. The experience of painting on canvas or doing a sculpture is more of an exercise for me, like a kind of study. It’s a way to develop skills to paint better walls.‘

“It was 1999 when I met Seek1 for the first time. We painted with Daim and Wow in the late nineties. It was very inspiring to see people like them painting, and the way that they painted influenced me a lot. Combining the technique that they used, and mixing it with the things I was studying about sculpture at that time, I fused them together and made a conscious decision to change my style to something more 3D.”