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Hello Veks, how would you describe your latest production?
Definitely scary! It was the first time I had to work so big, then I anticipate a lot! Finally everything went very well and I would love to do it again! For the background I had to work something around the book so I chose « Roman de Renart » is a french account of the Middle Age. The tales are fascinating to me and remind me of my childhood.

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Hundreds of artists out there make pieces every day. How do you think could be your style defined?
Childhood theme is very present in my work in general and I love playing with the fascination of children for the curious, the freaky, the strange and surrealist! I like to work details and enrich my paintings with small personal references. I also love the anatomical and scientific drawing. Finally, I only work on animal theme, the multitude of species gives me more freedom than the human subject and as a child again, animals have always marked me. Especially the fishes!

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What are your main influences – art and otherwise?
I’m very influenced by the arts of pop culture / subculture : Tattoo , graffiti , illustrations, manga, video games , cinema, but I also love the classic references as Ingres, Caravaggio, Brueghel, Bosch, G.Doré or by De Vinci for example! Nature and Science (Biology) are also very present in my work.


A lot of artists want to be published on art blogs. It seems that in these days a painted wall does not exists without re-blogging. What’s your Pov?
Internet allows a very wide spreads. A wall painted in a remote village may suddenly appear in the living room of a surfer in Tokyo , Rome, or NY . But the opposite can also be true . A wall normally only seen by residents of large cities can be broadcast to people with less focus on this type of paint!


Someone said: “a wall is a very big weapon”. Do you find the same nowadays, while we’re surrounded by millions of billboards? I mean, don’t you find even thinner the line between art and ads?
A wall painting is like internet URL . It’s necessarily more impact than the painting i can make at home and who will be exposed one day in a gallery, reserved for those who got the info and who bother to move ! However it is not, in any case, advertising, I don’t sell anything , I show and reveals a little about me , my universe. It is in the exchange, and the confidence ( very ironical but cause it takes place in the street) not in the trade, sale or merchandising a product.

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What role do you find galleries can play in helping an artist to emerge from the streets?
I guess living thanks to his art , his passion , wherever it is , is a goal for many. the role of galleries , in my opinion , is to make the links between institutions , collector and artist. .the role of galleries is therefore important for the artist who wishes to live his painting.

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How has your work evolved over the years from when you were beginning, when you look back, how do you feel about your beginnings?
I do not particularly like my work but looking back I have some nostalgia or tenderness. After a few years I became more indulgent retrospectively! In evolutionary terms, if my technique and compositions evolve over the years, the themes are broadly unchanged although I regularly have small periodic obsessions varying, come and go, the sandstone of my research and sketches. It is mainly in details that I will have fun and develop my work.


Of all the projects you’ve done, which has been most satisfying?
It’s kind of hard because, as I previously told you, I get tired very quickly and am quickly very disappointed of my productions. Usually my favorite pieces are my latest works or my works in progress.

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What would your dream project be? I mean theme, location, size…
I have explored a lot of narrative tracks in my work. today I would like to explore a little more the scientific part , put my nose in my books of biology and animal anatomy and devote myself to the aesthetic and romantic aspect of science , more raw , more cold!
About my projects, I would like to live of my painting and travel thanks to it. I don’t have specific dream destination or particular project , just continue to paint on canvas, wall, paper, small, large ….

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What’s next for you? What shows or projects do you have planned?
I currently preparing two different solo exhibitions. One in three areas in France and one in Italy , between September and March next year. I continue to painting walls and the tattoo remains my red line to tie it all!

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