Screenshot 5:12:14 7:54 AMHow would you describe your latest production?

My latest gallery production was the “Still just writing my name“ shown at the “Färberei“ gallery in Munich. Additionally I showed a part of it at the STROKE Artfair. I think the name of the show is self-explanatory. I started with graffiti at the age of 15, and then I studied design with main focus on free calligraphy. So what I basically do is writing, writing my name…for getting fame! Isn’t that still the final goal of every graffiti writer?


SJWMN_Collage01Hundreds of artists out there make pieces every day. How do you think could be your style defined?

I think the most important point in my works is the multitude of layers. After nearly 25 years graffiti it’s not longer the finished painting which is important to me, but the way it drives me there – and the “fragments of history” on it. There’s nothing I love more than a 10 years old wall, which has been bombed, cleaned, bombed again, crashed, washed, damaged…again, and again, and again. Today, THAT is the essence of graffiti to me – and this is the flavor I try to catch in my paintings.


stylefighting_work_masquerade03What are your main influences – art and otherwise?

When I started with graffiti my first influence was the legendary Munich writer ZROK, who became a kind of mentor in the early years. Of course all my homies have influenced me a lot, people like FLIN, Alexander Zöbisch (Starjump), Niklas Treugut, Robert Kaltenhäuser, and many more. Beside that, I always admired the works of Futura, Delta, Zedz, SheOne, Mr Jago, & the whole “Wizard Kings” Crew, and of course Niels „Shoe“ Meulman and José Parlá. Also lllustrators and comic book artists have always been a big influence on me as well, like Vaughn Bodé, Frank Frazetta, Philippe Druillet, Hayao Miyazaki or Jean Giraud Moebius. And last but not least, naturally, the one and only Dude. The Dude abides. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort on that. It’s good to know  he’s out there. The Dude. Takin’ ‘er easy for all us sinners. (b.e.)


A lot of artists want to be published on art blogs. It seems that in these days a painted wall does not exists without re-blogging. What’s your Pov?

What should I say, the Internet became part of our lives, and now we have to deal with it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it.


stylefighting_website_work_streetfighting04Someone said: “a wall is a very big weapon”. Do you find the same nowadays, while we’re surrounded by millions of billboards? I mean, don’t you find even thinner the line between art and ads?

A spray can in the hands of the right man could be a very big weapon. It’s always about the right action, at the right place, at the right time. The rest doesn’t matter, wether it’s art or an ad.


What role does a public art piece play in the community? I mean, do you feel connected with the so called “street art movement”?  Do you believe in art-exchange?

When I started with graffiti, there was no street art or urban art. The only classification was if you were painting legally or illegally. That’s still good enough for me. Sometimes it’s a bit curious to me that half of the so called urban artists never painted on steel. And yes, of course I believe in art-exchange. I have made friends all over europe through graffiti, so of course I believe in art exchange. Sometimes it’s more about painting and having a good time together, than about the artwork itself. It’s all part of it.


stylefighting_website_work_aufblank01What role do you find galleries can play in helping an artist to emerge from the streets? 

It’s a simple thing: if you want to do your art a full-time activity, you need to be able to live from it – galleries can be a proper partner to reach that goal.


I had several talks with street artists about tagging. Someone would like to erase their past, someone says: “without tagging I would not have done bigger things”. What’s your Pov?

To me, the Star Wars Saga still begins with “A New Hope“, and I’m still tagging.


stylefighting_work_stylefighting02How has your work evolved over the years from when you where beginning? When you look back, how do you feel about your beginnings?

I’m not only using spray paint and markers anymore, beside that, the beginnings were the best!


Of all the projects you’ve done, which has been most satisfying?

That’s easy: the ones I can’t tell you about in public!


What would your dream project be? I mean theme, location, size… 

Japan, Whole Train and Group Show, with all my homies and artists that I admire.



What’s next for you? What shows or projects do you have planned?

In my mind I’m already planning the project I just mentioned!