Hello Dourone, I did the math, on 9 on 10 murals of yours there’s a young girl, who’s that?
Mmmm, it’s right but in order to explain what it means, I would have to explain to you what I have been doing for these two years. It’s all about respect. To represent this respect I have used the feminine image to give it a third sense. I really talk about respect in general but one of these respects is respect for women. It is a stage of my work that speaks of respect. Now I am going to start talking about diversity, but in all of my works I always talk about humanity.
I really love your color palette, I think you found a warm and surreal color mode in a way. How did you reach your final outcome, would you like to talk about your color technique?
I think I really do not have a very special technique of color since I have not studied anything. It has been something that I have been learning over the years. Right now, I am in stage with blues and oranges, because I feel it like this but also to learn more about colors. Those two colors represent very well the nature because they are colors that you are seeing continuously in the sky or in the sea ore ven in the daily life of each person. Now that I feel more comfortable with these colors I will start to introduce new colors.
The impact of one of your large scale portraits is devastating, but your drawings maintain the same strength and vibration even on a small canvas. How do you select the ones that work outdoor and the ones that remain in your indoor production?
The meaning of the artwork in both case is the same. But yes, I try to select the best drawings for canvas because they are perennial nevertheless your mural can be erased.
I’d like to know if we have the same point of view about your outdoor artistic evolution. I’ve set as point of balance the mural created in Boulogne-sur-mer, France. It seems to me that it was the moment in which you have focused on future works. Do you think so?
Haha! Indeed! The change didn’t come with that mural but yes, I have started to make a new collection of artwork on canvas since  then. Whenever I stop and reflect on the production of a collection of artwork there are new changes and new evolution.
In previous works there was a very strong mix between realism and the search for a face expression, since then it seems you will be focused on a dream representation of your figures. What have you lost and what have you gained in this process?
The change is really linked to having put color in the work. For the shadows now, I do not have top ut them with stripes but with different shades of color. I have fine-tuned my striping technique only for the parts that really need to be able to create a cleaner and less aggressive artwork. It is more line with my style than I want to represent with my work.
Women and waves, when you look back to your productions, what do you think have determined your obsession?
What you call waves are actually water borders, they represent the separation between freedom, between one person and another.
One day I read a sentence by B.Bertolucci: “I hate to always be myself. As would be great to be able to completely renew ourselves every year, every month, to make different films every year, every month, rich in various obsessions instead of repeating the same things, the same images .. “. How do you feel about your style? I mean have you ever tempted to do something completely different? Do you ever feel repetitive?
Throughout my career I have done many different things and every year I try to add different things to my style but getting to understand them, not willy-nilly. This is how I see evolution, not because it is fashionable but because I really understand what I am doing. Sometimes it can be more worked, sometimes less but the technique is very important.
Most of the artists claim to be original, saying something new or better than others. But looking at the infinite artistic production achieved so far is very hard not to find something mentioned earlier. I know it’s hard to admit, but if you had to choose one artist or an artistic movement, of who would you say, “Well, I took something from him, I’m in debit with him”?
I do not think my drawings are 100% original but I think they have gone out from my mind. Nothing has been imposed to me from what I have seen before to do it. At other stages of my life I have had a lot of influence with M.C Escher at the time I introduced more buildings and more stairs because He was one of my favorite artists since I was very little. But right now, at the time when I am, there is so much daily information from different types of artists that I can not say that I am influenced by a certain type of art. On the other hand, a great influence are the conversations that I am having and the people that I am acquainted with throughout my life.
I think your indoor production is frankly amazing. The choice of subjects, the dreamlike color palette, everything appears calibrated and the result of a meticulous study. I get the impression you have a strong mathematical sense concealed by a refined aesthetic taste. Do you want to talk about, what preparatory study is behind every subject?
The theme of all my artworks are Respect, Diversity and Freedom. I try that each artwork speaks about one of these three values in a very simple way to reach a great majority of people. It is true that you have to know my work in order to understand what I want to say, but you can always express something similar to what I wanted to imply.
I dare not imagine how complex could be the transposition of your indoor subjects on outside. How do you reconcile the precision with all the contingencies that may occur during an outdoor session?
It is imposible to have verything controlled because an important factor is the weather! But it is true that when we do ourselves the production, we try to be very cautious and take things with precision. It is something that worries me a lot because of this depends the result of the work. Even so, there are no projects without problems and no problema that does not give you a new idea.
I am curious to know what do you think about ”street art” and all the hype that goes on to rotate around it. Is it something bothering you? What do you think about the movement, which do you think is his state of form?
It is bittersweet as there is right now a lot of possibilities that benefit you. But on the other hand sometimes there is a good approach to what art really is. His state of form for me is that it is trying to return to the Renaissance.

Thanks Dourone for this chat, to conclude, tell me something about your future, tell me what would you like to achieve as goals, in five months, and in five years from now.
Well, in 5 months what I want is something that is about to happen, which is moving to Bruxelles to establish a base in which we will be able to work well in a studio and be able to evolve returning home. Because when you do not have your own place, time is wasted when you have to focus on a new place. And in 5 years…. Nope, it is too far to say anything!
Because everything I could say that I do not like now, maybe in the end I will like it and everything I couldn say that I like right now maybe in the end I’ll do not like.