IMG_0651Hello Beast, how would you describe your latest production?

Politics on a frame.


Hundreds of artists out there make pieces every day. How do you think could be your style defined?

Hilarious. I do what makes me laugh, and if you smile looking at my pictures, you make my day.


IMG_1142What are your main influences – art and otherwise?

All the artists featured on your blog are inspirational to me, then I do my own way. Unfortunately.


A lot of artists want to be published on art blogs. It seems that in these days a painted wall does not exists without re-blogging. What’s your Pov?

I thought that was true. I recently discovered that word of mouth on the street can be much more rewarding than a smart post on an art blog, if you’re big on the underground, can’t knock you down.


IMG_0429Someone said: “a wall is a very big weapon”. Do you find the same nowadays, while we’re surrounded by millions of billboards? I mean, don’t you find even thinner the line between art and ads?

That’s what I am in. Sometimes people do not recognize my pictures as a personal project, they think it’s just another guerrilla campaign pasted on a wall. It sounds like a typical Coen’s plot, a struggle between what it is true and what wants to seem true.


What role does a public art piece play in the community? I mean, do you feel connected with the so called “street art movement”?  Do you believe in art-exchange?

I am not related to any movement. I know there are several festivals around the world, but they do not invite me. Can you put a good word for me? Can you write my name on the toilet?


IMG_1132What role do you find galleries can play in helping an artist to emerge from the streets?

Don’t know, I think it’s on what type of artist you are. I’m not interested in selling my pictures, and every time I visited a fashioned street art gallery, I get bored. Soccer should be played in the stadiums, street art should be painted on the streets.


I had several talks with street artists about tagging. Someone would like to erase their past, someone says: “without tagging I would not have done bigger things”. What’s your Pov?

I do not tag my name on the walls, but it doesn’t hurt me, even when someone tags on my frames. You know what, chaos is in our life, and a tagged city is an expression of it. Bomb everything.


IMG_0660How has your work evolved over the years from when you where beginning? When you look back, how do you feel about your beginnings?

I hate looking myself in the mirror, all of my previous images are worse than my next ones.


Of all the projects you’ve done, which has been most satisfying?

None. I mean, I had great time in the last few years doing my stuff, you know, waking up in the night, pasting pictures on the walls, watching the city in a different perspective, walking on the sidewalks alone… And this is not only about doing your art, it’s about a way of living, a different you that comes from what you do. That could be satisfying, not my most recent work.


IMG_1199What would your dream project be? I mean theme, location, size…

I do not have a dream project, I mean, I do not have a project that cannot be realized in the near future. If I think about something I’d like to do, sure I’ll do.


What’s next for you? What shows or projects do you have planned?

Pasting frames on walls.