alexis 2016 3Hello Alexis, your artistic production is so varied as to be impressive. I often wonder how an artist could be able to express his own ideas using different media, how do you go from painting to sculpture without losing the original concept?
Well, when I want to do an image I always visualize the image, mostly an animal, as it were alive and real. I imagine them as if they existed. This way is easier for me to go from a 2 dimensional concept to a 3 dimensional concept.

alexis 2016 5How’s your production process? Do you start from an idea and then you choose the correct media, or do you start from the material for shaping a form?
It depends on the situation. When I’m going to work on a mural, the surrounding and the space are what inspire the idea. When it’s a small piece, sculpture or a canvas I usually have the idea first and then decide on the media. I get my ideas by looking at thousands of different images. I study and read from books related to symbolism, encyclopedia illustrations, mysticism, and alchemy. Then I prepare a small sketch to see the balance and the scheme of the idea. If it makes sense…then off to work!

alexis 2016 2I was lucky enough to see your impressive mural at the Art Museum in Puerto Rico, in collaboration with Borondo, and it’s absolutely awesome. Could you tell us something about it, I mean, how did you prepare for such a work?
For almost 4 years Borondo and I have been really good friends. We always talked about doing apiece together. We were able to have creative dialogues, which made sense and had strong idealistic connotations. We came up with multiple ideas. We decided on this piece to have a say in the problems that surround Puerto Rico. We wanted to have a voice. We expressed a conversation between Spain (colonizing state) and Puerto Rico as a colony. The main image is Puerto Rico’s coat of arms given by Spain as a representation of the colonization through the catholic religion and the deterioration of the island in the present time as the only existing colony.
image_905I will not miss this opportunity to ask you something that I find in your works: in some of your representations of chaos I read a double meaning, “everything is ruined” and at the same time there is an unstoppable centrifugal energy absolutely independent of our will. Are you interested in some way to these issues; it is something that you want to communicate?
Definitely, part of my work is to create and portray an absolute balance between chaos and energy and each individual one can interpret it according to their life experiences.
photo 3_905Even your attention to details is simply monstrous, hundreds of lines that create an inextricable plot. Do you think that productive effort is part of the work itself? I mean, beyond the aesthetic choice, are you trying to convey a message?
Sometimes the fact that I have a big productive effort makes me challenge myself every time. I always try, in one way or another, to complicate the piece as much as I can, in composition as well as in format.
2_905What do you think of today’s street art scene, what’s left today of the original culture?
I believe that the original culture was more sincere. There wasn’t a search to be known since it wasn’t so popular. There was no prominence. At the beginning it was more as a passion to create art.
Nowadays it has turned so popular that everyone wants to be a street artist.
photo 2-1_905And how do you think they will evolve in the near future, as they multiply dozens of street art festivals around the world, there are many who think that it is a bubble ready to deflate. Too much hype, too many artists, too many festivals … What do you think?
I believe that at that moment it will be cool to start painting white and flat walls…
alexis 2016Your production in recent years has been truly remarkable, I do not think everyone understands how challenging is to devote himself entirely to art. How do you spend your days? There have been days off in recent times?
Yes, is very challenging. People have no idea of the times I had to leave family and friends behind to pursue my dream, but at the end is very gratifying. This year I decided to take a breather. I needed a break to create new ideas and think about a more personal project. I needed to reset.
Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 12.00.40 PM_905I am pretty curious about your artistic references, who would you highlight between your main influences?
I have a lot of influencers from music, theater and art. But definitely who influenced me to go out into the streets and paint with something different than a spray can was Keith Haring. My technique was completely influenced by Albrecht Durer and the masters of the puertorican graphic such as Tufiño and Lorenzo Omar.
alexis 2016 9And if you had to point a recent street artist that blows your mind today, who would you say?
Axel Void, Franco Fasoli, Aryz, Conor Harrington, Guido Van Helten, SAN, among others…BLOW MY MIND.

Thanks for your time Alexis, then what are you working on for the next months?
I will be working on different things. Next I have a mural in Arkansas, a Project in New York, and a Festival in Brazil in October then Art Basel in December with smaller projects in between. Then Next year I have London and Mexico etc.