‘Drowning while standing’ is the title for the latest mural painted by our friend Fintan Magee on the streets of Acquapendente, Italy for the @urbanvisionfestival .

Here’s a brief description posted by Fintan on his IG profile:

In 2016 a report released at the UN climate change conference in Marrakech stated
that Young people aged 18-25 say they are more concerned about climate change than the economy, terrorism, unemployment or any other issue.
As rising sea levels, increased aridity and coral bleaching become a visible global reality it’s easy for young voters to feel ignored by politicians and policy makers who continually focus on the needs of baby boomers and older voters. As inaction on climate change continues many young people are being locked out of stable employment and housing while being forced to deal with rising education costs and rising sea levels.
Many young people now feel unheard, disconnected from politics, and increasingly cynical about the future of the planet.
This painting set in the context of the US pulling out of the Paris agreement depicts a young man drowning while standing. His face is incased in plastic as rising water levels engulf his face, suffocate his voice and render him mute and breathless.