South African artists Faith XLVII and Lyall Sprong have caught the moon – and put it in a forest in Sweden to highlight environmental crises, disparity and how asynchronous with nature we are. The acclaimed artists are responsible for some of SA’s most ethereal outdoor artworks, such as Cape Town’s The Harvest mural which Faith painted. Sprong added an illumination element which lit up each time enough money was raised to install a street light in Khayelitsha. Astonomia Nova is their latest joint venture, an immersive hologram installation set in a Swedish forest, which will be serialised, in an abandoned factory in Mauritius next January and possibly in a Los Angeles alleyway. “Where it goes is largely dependent on where and when we can get support for the various installations,” said Faith, who now lives in Los Angeles. “The piece pays homage to our great timekeepers and the ancient internal rhythms that predate the construct of time, an ode to our connection with the external forces that define us.”

Excerpt from Sunday TimesZA.